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Heroes of the Storm
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Heroes of the Storm Description

Whether it is Sylvanas, Za'Gara or Uther - pick one of the many Blizzard characters, group up with your friends and storm the battlefield. With the right amount of teamwork, no other player can stand in your way in this free-to-play MOBA.


Heroes of the Storm features different champions, all taken straight out of the Blizzard universe. Every character has unique abilities that, when used right, decide between life or death. Take the Witch Doctor, for instance: He summons spirits, animals and locust swarms to enfeeble his opponents and push through lanes. Then there’s Nova, a sneaky assassin that specializes in sniping enemy heroes from afar. In this MOBA, it is your team's goal to plow through hostile creatures and leave a path of destruction wherever you go. How you do it is entirely up to you, as long as you play together.

With games like StarCraft or World of Warcraft, Blizzard has put out some of the most iconic characters to ever grace our computer screens. We have fought alongside Sarah Kerrigan, defended Thrall with our life and endured the icy grip of the Lich King - so what’s next in store for the popular game studio? A combination of everything the popular studio have released so far. Heroes of the Storm will join the ranks of all Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA) by heavily focussing on player-versus-player combat. Get ready to pick a champion and lead your team into battle and claim victory!

Formerly known as Blizzard All-Stars, the free-to-play MOBA has four different class archetypes: Choose the one you feel the most comfortable with. If you enjoy being in the front of the pack, choose a tank (like Diablo). While DPS characters have the highest damage output (like Illidan), supporters (like Tassadar) make sure their allies are shielded, buffed or rejuvenated as often as the ability cooldown allows. Quickly getting rid of towers requires siege champions - these engineers, including Gazlowe, usually wait for others to clear the coast before eventually charging in. Heroes of the Storm is available for Windows and Mac.

Heroes of the Storm Screenshots

Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-0Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-1Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-2Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-3Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-4Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-5Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-6Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-7Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-8Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-9Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-10Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-11Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-12Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-13Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-14Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-15Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-16Heroes of the Storm Screenshot-17

Heroes of the Storm Previews

  • Heroes of the Storm Preview: Blizzard Goes MOBA

    02/25/2015 09:00 am - Let’s be real here: League of Legends or Smite are not exactly known for their welcoming and warm player base, but rather for toxic behavior and flame wars. As an avid supporter of friendly communities, I've tried to stay as far away from MOBAs...more

Heroes of the Storm Videos

  • Heroes of the Storm: Kael'thas Announced as New Assassin

    05/11/2015 05:23 am - If there is one thing Heroes of the Storm has seriously been lacking since its original reveal back in 2013, it’s blood elves. Almost all iconic Warcraft races have been introduced to the free-to-play brawler one way or another, except the pointy...more

  • Heroes of the Storm: Inside the Tomb of the Spider Queen

    03/30/2015 05:17 am - The newest map to be added to Heroes of the Storm is none other than the Tomb of the Spider Queen, allowing players to unravel the mysteries that lie dormant in this battleground. As usual, players will have to team up and work together in completing...more

  • Heroes of the Storm: Sylvanas Joins the Nexus

    03/09/2015 08:44 am - Care to find out which hero is the next to join Heroes of the Storm? If so, either take a look at the headline or the video below, as Blizzard has now officially announced the newest addition to the free-to-play MOBA. She's dark and twisted and ready...more

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